What is the area of this triangle in the coordinate plane?25.0 units²27.5 units² 50.0 units² 55.0 units²

Accepted Solution

Hey. Let me help you on this one.

In order for us to solve this problem, we will be needing to find both length and width of the triangle on this coordinate plane. We will also need to know how to use the triangle area formula. 

I will be attaching an image containing the shown difference between a rectangle, and a triangle, and on how to understand why the area of a triangle is like this.

First of all, let's find the length of the triangle. It's 11 units, and we can determine that by counting up all of the units, or simply finding the difference between x-point 13 and 2, which is going to be 11.

Same applies to the width of the triangle. We will need to either count up all the units individually, or find a difference between a higher y-point and lower y-point. That difference is going to 5 units, since [tex]9-4=5[/tex].

Now, let's use the formula for the triangle area and substitute the values.

[tex]S= \frac{a*b}{2} [/tex]
[tex]S= \frac{11*5}{2} [/tex]
[tex]S= \frac{55}{2} [/tex]

Answer: Area of the triangle on the coordinate plane is 27.5 units squared.