*picture involved, refresh if not visible*"Match each trigonometric value or vocabulary word with its formula or right triangle definition. Use the triangle below."1. (a/c)2. (b/c)3. (opposite/hypotenuse)4. (adjacent/hypotenuse)5. (a/b)6. (b/a)a. sin Bb. cosinec. tan Bd. sin Ae. tan Af. sine

Accepted Solution

1. (a/c)
= (opposite/hypotenuse A)
= sin A (d)

2. (b/c)
= (opposite/hypotenuse B)
= sin B (a)

3. (opposite/hypotenuse)
= sine (f)

4. (adjacent/hypotenuse)
= cosine (b)

5. (a/b)
= (opposite/adjacent A)
= tan A (e)

6. (b/a)
= (opposite/adjacent B)
= tan B (c)

hope it helps!